BIBLE.ORG - Not just an online Bible, but also has powerful bible study tools like word studies, commentaries, and Greek references.

BONNYVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH APP - a phone app that has Sermons and Notes, the Church Calendar, Events and maps to Events, Church Directory for attenders, allows Event Registration and check in, and more! 

         Apple App store  - for Iphones, Ipads

         Google App store - for Android phones

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY - a great site to learn to enjoy being a family God's way.

INSIGHT.ORG - a great list of Bible Study Tools

DAVE RAMSEY.COM - a great financial planning and equipping ministry.  Worth looking at! 

PLUGGED IN - a CHRISTIAN movie and media review site.  Gives breakdowns on content and quality based on a biblical standard.  Very good for parents! 

BIBLE STUDY TOOLS.COM - perhaps the most powerful bible study website online, for digging into a topic or passage to really understand it.

The NET BIBLE - Another great Bible + Bible study website.

SETTING CAPTIVES FREE.COM - free Christ-centered courses to help people escape impurity, over-eating, substance abuse, gambling, smoking and more.

GOT QUESTIONS.ORG - a great site to get answers for your Bible questions.   You can do a search for 'instant answers' or if you are unable to find your answer you can ask them your Bible question on their Bible Questions Answered page.

CORE DISCIPLESHIP - free discipleship ebooks for personal or group learning.

If you have any other sites that you think might be worth posting here, please let us know