Life Group Times & Leaders

Currently we have 2 groups for young marrieds and singles, 10 mixed adult groups, 3 women's groups, a marriage group and a seniors group. 

There are groups meeting through the city every night of the week.   The women's groups include a young moms' group meeting on Mondays, and two groups for all ages - one meeting on Wednesday mornings and one twice a month on Saturdays.



SUNDAY  Young Adults "Discipleship Academy" led by Steve & Teresa McLean at 11:15am every Sunday morning at the church. Some Sunday mornings are service Sundays where you work at a ministry taking place during that time.
SUNDAY  Mixed Adults "Apologetics" defending the Christian Faith with Kevin Casper. Meeting at 9:30 every Sunday at the church.
SUNDAY  Prayer meeting at the church 7:00PM contact Lloyd 780-201-2817
MONDAY   Mixed adults with Lil at Campbells; 4801 Lakeshore Drive at 7PM.  Contact Lil Cardinal @ 780-812-8094 for more information

TUESDAY  All age groups welcome at this groups meeting at various homes.  Call Ben @ 780-812-9329 for more information.

TUESDAY  Couples meeting in their homes every 2 weeks, at 8:00.  Contact Terina 780-815-3879

WEDNESDAY  Mixed adults with Chris @ the Mosterts home: East of Bonnyville 5 minutes at 61214C RR452. Evening starts with a potluck meal at 6:30PM. Meeting every other week.  Contact Christ @ 780-573-8950 for more information.
WEDNESDAY Mixed adults with Dave & Shannon Parker 10 minutes west of Bonnyville.  7:30PM Call Shannon @780-812-8019 or Amanda @ 780-812-8753 for directions and study subject.
THURSDAY Mixed adults with Lorne & Gianne Stover: at 61215 East of Bonnyville 10 mins, 6:30-9:00pm with potluck meal. Contact Gianne at 780-573-4068
THURSDAY  "The Life of David" Journey through 1 & 2 Samuel and discover God's plan for salvation, the faith and failures of one of Christianity's heroes, and the implications for us today. With Rachel Bennett at 6:30pm at the church in the coffee room.


THURSDAY  Meeting at the church every other week (check calendar for schedule)  with Gary & Tharine (licenced marriage counselor with NAME Canada) at 6:30-8:30 pm.  Child care provided. Contact Tharine @780-573-3692 for more information.


MONDAY  Mom's with kids:  meets at the church at 9:30AM. Children play while the moms share, study and drink coffee.  Call Terina at 780-815-6077 for more information.  Follows school calendar due to older siblings. So one no school Mondays there will be no study. 

WEDNESDAY Ladies Bible Study at the church at 9:45am. Currently doing a video series.  Contact the church @ 780-826-4801 for more information.

SATURDAY Sister's in Spirit with Claudia meets the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 10:30AM at the church for study and casual prayer.  Call Claudia at 780-826-4862 for more information.

 seniors groups

TUESDAY  This group is led by seniors but is open to anyone who is free at this time.  Hosted and led by Syl & Lil Stover, 4016 38 Street at 9:30AM  Contact Syl at 780-614-4197.  (Doesn't meet the first Tuesday of the month)
Our seniors group, the Elderberries, meets the first Monday evening of the month at 6:30pm and generally starts with a short bible study or speaker.  There is time for snacks (everyone brings a little something) and to reminisce. Meeting at the church.


MONDAY   Meeting at the church with Curtis Peregrym at 7:30.  Studying "How to be a Godly man for Jesus".
SATURDAY   Meeting at the church at 9:00am.  the first Saturday of the month includes breakfast!!!